Foxberry Village

Foxberry Village is a 248 private condo complex located in the hamlet of Getzville, NY which is located in the northern part of the Town of Amherst. It consists of 248 one- and two-bedroom condos situated in a park-like setting. An in-ground pool is available in the courtyard for resident’s use. Foxberry consists of two phases of development, Foxberry Village Condo I (buildings 1-17) and Foxberry Village Condo II (buildings 18-31). Each phase has its own 5-member volunteer Board of Managers which oversees the maintenance and upkeep of their buildings and the common areas in and immediately around their buildings as well as compliance with the rules and regulations. Both Foxberry I and Foxberry II Board members also serve on the Foxberry Communities Association Board of Managers which oversees the common areas of the complex including the grounds, roads, parking and pool. All unit owners belong to the Communities HOA and the HOA overseeing their specific building.